Identify Security Vulnerabilities

No more logging in to each of your sites to find out if any security advisories apply. DropShark keeps tabs on the status of all of your sites’ Drupal core and contrib project status. With DropShark's comprehensive report of which sites are running vulnerable code along with risk scoring and convenient references to the Drupal.org security advisories you can easily identify and prioritize your update strategy.

All in One Dashboard

Conveniently monitor all of the Drupal sites all in your fleet from one location with the DropShark dashboard. This is especially convenient if you've got sites spread over multiple hosts with disparate reporing mechanisms.

Monitor Server Health

Does your hosting service monitor the status of your environment or are you managing your own fleet and need a server monitoring solution? DropShark gives you convenient access to disk usage, RAM utilization, CPU load and more.

Receive SMS and Email Notifications

Coming soon. Whether it’s a newly-published security advisory, a problem with your Drupal status, or a server environment metric reaching a critical threshold, DropShark will let you know. If DropShark finds something amiss, we’ll send you an SMS and email or notification.