What is DropShark?

DropShark is a monitoring platform that allows webmasters, account managers, or other support administrators to easily assess the state of their Drupal fleet. Spend your time building features and enhancements, not clicking through your sites trying to figure out which sites need attention.

How it Works

The DropShark Drupal Contrib module runs on your site collects significant information. The DropShark contrib module currently handles data for general Drupal status and updates, as well as vital server information. This data collection occurs via cron or a manual invocation and is then sent securely via HTTPS to the DropShark data storage backend.

When the DropShark storage backend receives your data, it parses and aggregates the information and processes any immediate events--such as dispatching notifications. Once your data has made it to DropShark’s storage backend, the updated information is available in your dashboard.

Setup and Installation

See the project README for additional information.

  1. Sign Up for an account. This will grant you access to the DropShark dashboard.
  2. Create sites through the dashboard interface. There you will receive a Site ID for each site along with information on how to register your site.
  3. Download and install the DropShark contrib module on your site. We’ve currently got a Drupal 7 version nearly ready for an official release, and a port to Drupal 8 in progress.
  4. Register your site via the instructions provided in the dashboard.
  5. Optionally, install the Linfo PHP Server Health library to allow DropShark to obtain information on server vitals. You can drop the code in the libraries folder or if you’re using Composer Manager you can use it to pull in the library.